Whenever you enter a bookshop the books are sorted by two typical methods: Genre and Alphabet. We would like to change that. In our store we sort our books by Topics. There are no limits to what a topic can be: Fatherless Childhood, Time-Machines, Books Written In Prison, S&M, Forbidden Love, Gangsters- you name it!

We don’t do shelves, we work with Cubes. Books that share a Topic share a Cube. So expect no differentiation between “High” and “Low” literature. A 19th century novel could share a TopiCube with Bestsellers, Comics, Poetry, Erotica, Historical Biographies, Dramatic plays and Children’s books.

Our shop is dynamic and mutable: the Books migrate from cube to cube, competing for their reader’s attention. If a novel such as ‘Wuthering Heights’ withers away in the “Revenge” TopiCube, it can relocate itself to the warmer climates of “S&M”. Every time you’d visit us you will find new books , new Topics. arranged in different formations.

Through changing the book common classification methods, we hope to provide a new way of looking at books and consuming culture.